पांच उँगलियों का खेल है ये

देख लो अपने हाथों को ,
हाँ जानता हूँ ,
कई बार्स हो गए हैं रोज़ देखते हो ,
पर इस बार जरा गौर से देखो ,
समझो इन्हे कुछ कहानी कह रहे हैं ये हाथ ,
पर आज के जमाने में
जरा मुश्किल है समझनी इनकी बात .

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बता रहे हैं सब एक से नहीं होते ,
जज़्बातों से लेकर कामों तक ,
रिवाज़ों से लेकर जाहजों तक सब अलग ही हैं ,
लाख कोशिश करलो , लाख आजमाईश करलो
की एक बेटा भी दुसरे जितने no. लाये इम्तेहान में ,
पर मत भूलो दोनों के इम्तेहान अलग अलग भी तो है

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क्यों हम आज भी ये स्वीकार नहीं करते ,
क्यों हम असूलों से बगावत नहीं करते ,
वो फांसी चढ़ गए थे देश की आज़ादी ke  liye,
पर जिंदगी की आज़ादी की लड़ाई अभी बाकी भी तो है

hands poetry.2

दम घोट रहे हैं खुद ही अपने अपनों का
दम घोट रहे हैं ना जाने कितने सपनो का
जो दुनिया से अलग हो वो पागल हो जाता है
पर जब वो पागल लिखे किताबें
तो दुनिया के समाज उसके कायल हो जाता है .
समझ लो पहचान लो वर्णा देर हो जाएगी
कुछ अलग करने वाली बात जहां से ख़तम हो जायेगी .

hands poetry.4

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मेरी माँ तू भी दुनिया की तरह क्यों हो गयी है
जमाने की बातों में लगता है तू भी खो गयी है
Enginner doctor नहीं
मुझे वो है बन न ,
मुझे जो है बन ना , उस और मुझे ले चल मेरी माँ …

शायरी लवनीत की एक दिन याद आयेगी
अकेलेपन की ताक़त दुनिया को समझ आएगी
जो बातें अजीब हैं
वो ही बातें करीब होगी ,,,,,
मैं रहूँगा गरीब पर
शायरी अमीर होगी ……

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Hello friends

how are you all, Well like always I pray and wish you all do well. May God bless and will continue supply his grace unto you.

There is a story which I was reading yesterday and it teaches me a lot, so I decided to disclose it more and this thing relates to everyone life, In fact, I experiment it, it works really sharp.

self-service-stamp-vector-clipart_csp29638504 s1

I was in the cafe for breakfast this morning, it was a cafe where we have to bring a meal from serving tables or counters by ourselves. No waiter is there to serves you, you have to first pay and then collect your order, you have to keep patience because it takes 20 minutes and sometimes more than it. It is the best cafe by the way of our city. 

And there is another type of cafe, where waiters will come there for you, They will collect your order and will try to serve you fast as they can, you will finish your meal and then you will pay the bill.

If you have options to choose which cafeteria you will choose it.

I KNOW everyone will choose the second option which is good by the way tell you a secret if you are going to date with you G.F the first one will be Good but mind you when an order will be completed by them, Go alone to collect. Just kidding. Point is not this

The point is if we all will relate these stories to our life, I am telling you in life we are also choosing the second option. Yeah, we are thinking someone will come and make us rich,

someone will come and heal our problems, someone will come to encourage, someone will come and make us comfortable. Yeah God will be always there to help you, to give you sources but apart from them who is this someone??

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I have this mentality in past, some friend will help me to overcome from my loneliness, someone will be there to help me to overcome from my bad habits. but the sad part is no one will come. No, they can’t come. Life is fast, Everyone is busy in their own lives, In their own set Of planning

You have to become that someone for you.

You have to be a SELF SERVICE GUY

Listen if you will not understand this you will keep believing in a false faith, You will live in your own false world Because no one is coming towards you.

6changequotes s3

so what we have to do

  • Accept no one is coming
  • see where you are lacking
  • Obtain knowledge to get out of your situations
  • Plan your life your  life(each day, each part of the day, even night too)
  • Seek what you desire
  • Become a self-dependent person.
  • Life has so many bitter truth, These truths are like those injections of diabetes while injecting it pains a lot, but After some time you will understand, it is healing you. If you are feeling alone at night. First of all, if you are a big goal setter, If you set your daily goals, You will be never free, Because doing nothing is the direct source of negativity, but still I can understand if you are feeling the emotional pain

Grabs something which can entertain you, which relates to your passion, No fleshy things my dears, Never depends upon humans, because 99.99% humans are selfish in nature in their own ways, they will talk when they need, I am not saying don’t talk with them.

but don’t depend upon them.

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Success journey of you is like a self-service cafe friends, you have to pay first, you have to pay for everything which you are addicted, because you are becoming successful so your addiction will change, your habits have to change, you have to change your persona,everything, As they ays CHANGE IS MUST IN LIFE. then you have to do everything from there by yourself. Yeah, there can be people who can push you at rare occasions but at the crucial turning point, you have to push yourself.

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Hello friends, how are you, i know you all are doing good by his grace. Your faith is the key to success. Keeping faith on yourself means, you are accepting the anointing and good things which God is set to deleiver you. You are receiving his grace. Your mind is ready to work on the sources which is coming into your mind and spirit but then there comes a thing because of which many business Ideas are changes by the company or Indivdual.


Let it understand this thing from an example..

A man was thinking About to startup a new business, he has idea to start a resturent, his planning was complete, but somehow another restaurant opened and he stop thinking about his business and never opened it again in his life.

Now because of competition market i can understand the fact to start a business is tough but runs a business for a long time looks challengable. But according to me it is false fact. Or a negative attitude for bUsiness person. One thing is and will never change. Jts your Idea with creativity. Its mean a creative idea will be yours. No one can change it. You just have to research properly and seek that 5% where your opponent is lacking and by planning you can easily convert it into 100%.


Are you with me??? Again i am saying if you share your idea to someone but it doesnot mean you cant apply it. A person just know the idea but he dont know how to implement it. Yeah.. Thats the key here. Never shares everything to everyone.

Now question is its easy to say these things but hard to do

so my dears


it is not easy to share things in these days because everyone is in competition of earning something bigger than the others, if i am sharing because i know one secreat of sharing,

Only those share who cares


i cares about myself.

I know if i wiLl share, Then i can learn more.


Keep your idea inside you,if there is competition, dont worry,dont hesitate,try to do something new,



competition can be defeated by few things




seLf confidence

we will discuss here about it further.

Till then

keep faith on him,and then on yourself.

Take care

God bless you.

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Seeking the World, Preaching the Shalom. You will find my own solutions, poetry and some useful advices in his grace .Read and connect.

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